With this agreement, the member engages US Love Wiesbaden to act as a matchmaker in the search for a mate. The services of US Love Wiesbaden offer the member the chance to receive hand-selected profiles and the unique opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and possibly more.

1. US Love Wiesbaden commits to providing the member the contact information (= first name and phone number; email address ONLY if you have a nickname email address to protect your privacy) of the accepted profile after payment of the following matching fee:

EURO 95  per person and per match (one time fee per match) 
The fee applies if you have both reviewed each other’s profile, if the interest to meet each other is mutual and if you both expressly wish to have your contact information exchanged by US Love Wiesbaden. In case of a match, we email you each other’s first name and phone number. We exchange each other’s email address ONLY if you both have nickname email addresses. We protect your privacy.

2. US Love Wiesbaden will not exchange the contact information of a match before both members are verified members, have signed this agreement, have expressly agreed to being matched with each other and payment of the matching fee is made on both sides. The member will always receive a separate invoice to pay the applicable matching fee. Once matched, the members agree to start contacting each other. If during or after email or phone contact between the matched couple, one of the members or both members decide to not meet in person and to not continue the contact, US Love Wiesbaden cannot be held liable and cannot reimburse the paid matching fee.

3. The member is aware that not every profile introduction and actual match will result in a “success” or even in a meeting in person. US Love Wiesbaden strives to meet the member’s preferences as closely as possible but cannot guarantee a “perfect match” or the “success” of a match.

4. The member gives her/his consent that US Love Wiesbaden will introduce the member’s profile sheet with his/her provided profile sheet information and his/her provided profile sheet photos to selected and matching members at US Love Wiesbaden.

5. The member commits to keeping all provided personal information of a member profile such as name, email address, phone number and photos to her/himself and to handle all provided contact details of selected members at US Love Wiesbaden with the utmost discretion. Furthermore the member commits to not passing on any information about other members to any third parties and commits to not posting any information about other members on any social media channels or similar.

6. The member agrees to the content of this agreement and furthermore confirms that his/her provided information, photos and intentions are true.