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Experts against Military Romance Scamming - US Love Wiesbaden

Too good to be true?

HE says he is in the US military or works for the US government, looks great, says he has a difficult past and promises you the blue of the sky, eternal love? Or SHE says she is a single parent, usually young and attractive, was treated bad by her ex-husband and is now looking for true love with you? You chat online for hours and you are already so familiar with each other, even though you don’t know each other personally in real life? Perhaps he has even sent you a little present and HE or SHE wants to come to see you soon? On the other hand, unfortunately, HE can never video chat with you because his commander or installation or his mission do not allow that or HE/SHE says the reception to make a video call is just too bad? Could it be that the person in the photos is not HIM or HER at all? Could it be that HE/SHE only exists in your dreams? Is HE/SHE a fake, a so‐called romance scammer who builds trust and a relationship with you as a professionally and psychologically trained criminal for weeks or months, only to ultimately pull your money out of your pocket? Or worse, to blackmail you to pay money or he/she will come for an “unpleasant visit” if you threaten to break off the contact and report it because you have found out about him/her being a fake?

You think my story is too extreme? Unfortunately, no, it all happens hundreds of thousands of times on the internet. In the past years, I have received countless emails from ‐ mostly ‐ women at US Love Wiesbaden who have experienced exactly this and who are often ashamed that they fell for a romance scammer like so many others. Not just women but also men are victims of romance scamming.

If the above story sounds familiar to you in some way and you are quietly wondering whether HE or SHE might not be real after all, then you should think about having your internet contact checked to make sure whether HE or SHE is real or fake.

Stop the guesswork!

At US Love Wiesbaden, we are very familiar with romance scamming and fake profiles and, following our thorough research on your internet contact, we will explain to you why we think you are either dealing with a real person or a romance scammer. Based on our experience with people in the US military, we specialize in evaluating texts, chats, personal information such as names, locations, missions, professions, etc. in this field. US Love Wiesbaden uses its experienced scam research specialists to put an end to the guesswork. We can also give you the tools to help you find out for yourself whether HE or SHE is real.

Would you like more information about our service “scam research” to have peace of mind?

Email us for more information or to book our service: jessica@uslovewiesbaden.com