Do you still have any questions about my service?

Here you can find additional information which will help you learn more about the American German dating services at US Love Wiesbaden! If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Single American men and women (especially US citizens who are stationed in Germany with the U.S. army/government but also civilians working for US corporations in Germany) looking for a match with another American or German/European living in Germany.

Single German or other European men and women living in Germany looking for a match with an American working for the U.S. Army/government in Germany or another German or European living in Germany.

Although we mainly match single U.S. service members with local singles, the matchmaking service is also open to other native English speaking nationals (British, Australian, Canadian citizens) who work in Germany.

If the interest is mutual and the two of you are interested in having contact information exchanged to start communication, we exchange your first name (no last name) and your phone number. We do NOT exchange your email address unless it is a nickname email. We care about you and protect your privacy!

I am located right here in Wiesbaden with access to USAREUR (headquarters of U.S. Army Europe).  You can actually meet me in person on Clay Kaserne and talk to me as your personal matchmaker. I am not a computer which matches you by algorithm; I review profile introductions myself and introduce per your preference and my personal impression from the brief video verification chat with a potential match. I also keep in close and personal contact with my members.

I verify all members behind the profiles. Either in person or via video verification to make sure you are a real person and the profile photos are accurate and current. The video verification is offered in skype, apple facetime, facebook messenger, whatsapp and google hangouts – pick your preferred way!

We carefully review profiles for you according to your preferences and email you profile introductions which could match your preferences.

You will see someone’s age, height, weight, eye and hair color, nationality, profession, regional location, language skills, interests in life, preferred partner’s personality traits and looks along with additional text information.

Yes, you will see several photos of a person in his/her profile.

You will NOT see someone’s name, phone number, address or email address.

Registration at US Love Wiesbaden, completion of your profile sheet and profile introductions are all free of charge.

If you like a profile introduction after reviewing it and the interest is mutual and both of you request to be matched (= “match”), we exchange each other’s first name (no surname) and your phone numbers. We do not exchange your email addresses unless they are nickname email addresses. We care about you and protect your privacy. The individual contact exchange comes with a service charge but all profile introductions are at no charge.

Please refer to my seasonal specials and current fees published on my homepage.

We offer wire transfer or cash with receipts.

No, you decide when you join and when you leave.

It is very likely that men and women who are stationed in Germany are deployed to some other country after a certain time period of somewhere between 3 and 5 years. There are exceptions. Some Americans are retired military or want to retire in Germany and do not plan on moving back to the U.S. or wish to extend their deployment in Germany.

Yes, we do. Americans in the U.S. may be matched with a German/European single who is interested in a match abroad.

No, we are not a marriage agency. Our services are also NOT eligible for someone who does not speak English at all, for financial aspects or for green card/U.S. immigration purposes etc.

Our services are offered to connect and build a bridge between single Americans in Germany who are interested in dating a German/European single and German/European singles interested in dating a US citizen stationed/working in Germany.

If you are not sure about individual matchmaking, you can check out my regular singles mixers in Wiesbaden and K-Town. Meet new people, make friends, find a date and possibly more. We post the events on Facebook and our website. If you wish to attend, registration is required. You can simply register through the website. Registration is required to manage the size of an event, an age frame and a well-balanced ratio between women and men. The admission for the singles events varies from €25 to €35 and is to be paid at the event.