Any particular questions on the service?

Here you can find additional information which will help you learn more about the friendship & dating services at US Love Wiesbaden! If you have other questions, please feel free to email Jess at

As you may know from our press releases, our matchmaking services were initially established as a traditional offline matchmaking agency in Wiesbaden (Germany) specializing in connecting US servicemembers in Germany with interested local singles.

In the meantime, however, we have refined our services and decided to give a broader audience the chance to use our safe platform to meet other verified members, too. Therefore, singles in the USA looking for a match with someone in Germany, or non-US nationals abroad and in Germany may join the online club as well.

We welcome any matchmaking between two singles of a different nationality but it is of course no requirement: for example, as a US citizen in Germany, you can also match with another US citizen in Germany, or as a German single you can also meet other German singles or – if you don’t care about the nationality at all but just like the idea of a platform with real members – then this will be the place to be!

So although we used to mainly matched US servicemembers in Germany with local singles, the online friendship & dating club is open to any interested single who appreciates a fake-free online platform and the personal service offered by a local agency.

Please note: most of our members in the online club live in Germany. We have plans to expand to other countries as well but want you to know that most of our members can currently be found within Germany. If abroad, they are usually located in the USA.

Within a day or two after your initial registration, you will be emailed the invoice for the verification of your profile.

The verification is a requirement to join the club. As soon as payment of the fee is received, one of the lovely team members will contact you by email to arrange for a time and date to do the 5 mins video welcome call with you.

The welcome call is usually offered in whatsapp, facetime, skype or facebook messenger. The team member will contact you on the agreed day to make sure you are a real person and not a fake.

After the verification of your profile, we will email you a link to access the club so that you can start making contact with other verified club members.

In a member profile, you will see someone’s age, height, weight, eye and hair color, nationality, profession, regional location along with some additional information, language skills, interests in life, preferred partner’s personality traits and looks along with more text information. You will see a max. of 3 photos in a member profile. We limit the amount of photos because we screen them up front for inappropriate contents.

You will NOT see a member’s last name, phone number, address or email address. If you like a member’s profile, you can send the member a matching request by clicking a button. If the interest is returned and you will receive a positive feedback, the system will automatically exchange each other’s phone number so that you can start communicating with your match via whatsapp, facetime etc or get to know each other on the phone.

If the interest is not returned and you will receive a negative feedback, the club system does NOT exchange phone numbers.

Every member can decide whether to make his/her photos visible or non-visible to the general club audience to protect the member’s privacy. Please keep in mind that many of our members, especially US servicemembers but also other members, work in sensitive positions and/or prefer to reveal their identity to a “match” only, which means if it is a “mutual match”.

During the video welcome call, we can confirm that a member’s photos are real simply because we see that member in the video chat. We also screen the member’s photos to see if they appear on fake sites or scamming sites.

If we find out that a member’s photos can also be found on sites like Linkedin, xing etc, we notify the member that we cannot keep their privacy if they use this photo in their profile and therefore suggest this photo be exchanged by another one.

The trial period of 3 months is offered free of charge. As a new member, you only pay an initial one-time fee to cover the verification of your profile.

After the trial period of 3 months, you can optionally decide for an extension for 6 months at an additional one-time charge.

Other than that, there are no additional cost involved.

A one-time fee is charged for the complete verification of your profile. After the 3-month trial, you can extend it by 6 months for an additional one-time fee.

For the full verification of your member profile incl. the video welcome call, you pay an initial one-time fee of 89 Euro. The 3 months trial membership is included and offered at no charge.

After the 3 months, you can decide to extend your membership for 6 months at an additional charge of 79 Euro. From time to time, discounts may apply for existing members or special offers for new members.

Wire transfer, paypal or cash with receipt. We always email you an invoice for the services.

Your initial registration (trial) comes with a free 3 months membership which ends automatically. You will have the option to extend for another 6 months right before the first 3 months end. The 6 months extension also ends automatically. You can keep extending for 6 months each until you decide to stop. There is no paid subscription plan you need to cancel. We make it fair and easy for you!

It is very likely that US servicemembers in Germany will eventually leave the country to work somewhere else in the world. The time frame for them in Germany is usually between 2 and 5 years. There are exceptions.

Some US members are retired military or want to retire in Germany and do not plan on moving back to the US or try to extend their time in Germany.

Yes, we do! There are US members who are looking to find their match with a German/European single in Germany.

There are also non-US members in Germany trying to find their match with a US citizens in the USA.

No, we are not a marriage agency. Our services are also NOT eligible for someone who does not speak English at all, for financial aspects or for reasons of a green card/US immigration purposes etc.

However, several couples have already met through US Love Wiesbaden and are happily in love or even married in the meantime. In the online club, we will try to post photos of matched couples to share their success story with you.

You can increase your chances to find who you are looking for and take part in our singles mixers in Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern. Meet new people on a personal basis, make friends, find a date and possibly more.

Currently, there are no events planned.