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Stripes Europe’s current article on the upcoming USL online member club – FIND OUT MORE!

Pre-register for the longed-for USL online member club and save 25% on the regular fee on your first match in the online club. The regular member club fee will be only 69 Euro per match/pp.  A match is considered a “match” if you are interested in someone’s profile and if that person is interested in your profile as well. If you both expressly request to be matched by US Love Wiesbaden matchmaker Jess, US Love will make it happen!  Pre-register now to save and possibly find the one you have been looking for, once the club goes live online!

There is no membership fee for the club and you will be admitted to the club as soon as we have screened your registration for quality purposes. We only ask that you do a brief and easy 5 min video verification call with your matchmaker Jess prior to having contact information exchanged in case of a mutual match.  US Love Wiesbaden takes away your fear of running into fakes or fake photos. We offer you a dating platform where you will be matched with real people.

To pre-register, just fill out the form on the right to receive the 25% discount on your first club match! You will be notified once the member club goes live online. It is scheduled to go online in Oct/Nov 2018. Both the pre-registration and the club membership are free of charge. You only pay by the match! If you don’t find or approve a mutual match, you don’t pay! It’s as simple as that!



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