US Love Wiesbaden is your personal international dating agency and specializes in connecting single U.S. service members, civilians and other native English-speaking expats in Germany with interested local singles. Whether you are US citizen or other native English-speaking expat in Germany, or a local singles interested in foreign singles, US Love Wiesbaden is here to help you find the person you are looking for. Meet new people to explore the area, or to travel Europe with, make friends, or go on a romantic date. You might just possibly meet the person to spend the rest of your life with.
We serve all regions of the U.S. military installations in Germany.

Choose from seeing selected member profiles the traditional way individually by email (offline matching) or seeing member profiles in the new online member club (online matching).

We strive to offer you a dating service with screened and verified people. Visit the club!

How can I help find your perfect match?


I established US Love Wiesbaden in late 2016. The first time I went to the United States in 1996, I had fallen in love with the country and its people during my time as an Au Pair/nanny and also while working for American German corporations in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the following 3 years. Back in Germany and many years later, I was given the great opportunity to start working as a German native speaker at U.S. Army Europe Headquarters (USAREUR) in Wiesbaden. I have been affiliated with U.S. Army Europe in Wiesbaden ever since for 4 years now. Thanks to my job and my experience, I have become very familiar with the special surroundings of a U.S. military installation.

The idea for US Love Wiesbaden was born when German friends frequently approached me to ask whether I knew of any single Americans I could connect them with, and American colleagues asking me whether I knew of any single German friends I could hook them up with.

I am a native of the Wiesbaden region, 42 and have an 11 year old son.

“If you are an American single (active duty, DoD civilian, contractor, expat) in Germany, another native English-speaking expat in Germany or a German/European local, wouldn’t it be nice to meet friendly international people, make new friends, go on a date, find your sweetheart and possibly meet your perfect match or a travel companion?

To have found that special someone  – someone who cares about you, someone you can laugh with and spend your time and life with or to explore the world with – can make your personal and work life so much happier and well-balanced. My specialized and personal matchmaking services are a great way to connect with verified singles who are specifically interested in the American German and international connection.

I am here to help you find what you are looking for.”